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Halloween Safety 101

Halloween is filled with giggles and squeals as monsters, goblins and super-heroes lurk the streets. With all the excitement around Hallow's Eve, be sure to remember safety comes first.

From selecting a costume to enjoying sweet treats, it's everyone's responsibility to create a safe and memorable holiday.

Costume Safety:
  • Choose a costume with flame resistant material.
  • If your little goblin doesn't have a bright costume, use reflector strips to make him/her more visible to traffic.
  • Avoid long costumes or high heels that may cause children to trip.
  • Use non-toxic face paint as an alternative to masks.
  • If a mask is necessary, choose one with large eye- holes and a secure fit.

  • Parental Advice:
  • Make sure young children are accompanied by an adult.
  • Attach the child's contact information to their clothes in case they become separated from adults.
  • If children are traveling alone, know the route your children will be taking and set a curfew.
  • Restrict trick or treating to illuminated homes.
  • Provide a flashlight to help guide the young ones.
  • Advise children to not eat any treats until an adult has inspected them.

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